House Update: Week 11

We are 11 weeks in to this project, and I finally feel like its real.  That probably sounds ridiculous...but there is finally enough progress that I can envision how things will look when they are completed.  So...here's what things look like right now.

Storage Room

In floor heat

Basement floors are in!!  On the far wall you can see the window (this is centered in the bedroom).
Bathroom is all the way to the left.

Annika exploring the scaffolding.

Back side of the garage.  Ryan took this very early in the morning, so the lights not great.  

And today they got the garage wrapped!  The door from the garage to the house is in (just forgot to take pictures).  And tomorrow the are hoping to build the basement stairs.  Yay!!!  

{Here's a look back at what we started with...its come a long way!}

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  1. Bec, I am so excited for you! It is all looking so wonderful and it's going to feel like a whole new house with all the new additions! Yaay for basements and attached garages!! :)