Gary, Seth and Dan started on the garage last week!!  Yay!!

That's one step closer to being back in my house.

I apologize for the pictures...bad time of evening to be shooting pictures in this direction.  
But you can get the gist of how the garage will look. 

It also gave us a pretty good idea of how much back filling we are going to have to do.  
Everything quite a bit higher than we realized it would be.


Lunch Date

A mid-week lunch date with my favorite little man...

Nothing better than that face to get me through the rest of my Monday.  :)  

He said this was the smile he used for school pictures today too.  
Hmm...not what we practiced this morning. 



We have basement walls!!  Hooray!!!

 Unfortunately...now we have to wait for two-ish weeks before anything else can happen.  Once the concrete is cured, we can set the house back down and move on.  

I am so looking forward to that.

The kids had a great time climbing in and out of windows.

I expect that they were practicing for a fire, and not for trying to sneak out.  :) 


Let's Catch Up

Shall we??

My baby started Preschool last week!!  {If you listen carefully you can probably still here me sobbing.}

He went in like a trooper...not a tear shed on his part.  And he has loved every day since.  {Yes, its only been two days...but this is a big step in our lives!}

Here's the latest photos from our house.  I'm already late with posting...the walls were poured today.  

Above:  Most of the forms are up for the walls.

Can you see the outline of your new window, Mom and Dad??  :)

Poor yard...its going to need a little work next spring.  

We spent a wonderful weekend with family celebrating Tim & Ari's wedding.  The kids had a great time hanging out with cousins.

Annika hit up the dance floor for awhile.

Henry preferred to sit with us at the table making sad faces.  In his defense...he had run into the buffet table and had a little bruise on his face because of it.  He does a good job of looking quite sad though.  You can see how much it was affecting his dad too.  :)

In other news...I have 3 loads of laundry giving me the evil eye.  I'm still debating whether to fold them or just go read with my glass of wine.