Spring catch-up

I guess I kind of skipped a month...whoops!!  Here's a few pictures to catch you up on life.

Easter - this is the "when is it my turn to go look for eggs? and why are bugging me what that camera again?" face.

Henry's Easter program at church.  I can't remember what song this was, but he was making sure we saw each action.

Our big spring event??  Henry graduated from preschool!!!  He was very nervous being up there in front of all the parents, but was so proud to bring back his diploma.

The first thing he said was, "I graduated!!  That means I can go work for Daddy now!"  Let's hope he still feels that way when he's told he has to get a job.  

And lastly...soccer. I think Annika found her athletic niche.  I'm sure its all my athletic influence.  
{stop laughing}