Seven and First

Can you believe this little diva turned 7 this week?!?!?!

And she's still a poser....

Seven meant having her first "friends only" birthday party.

Annika decided on a cake decorating party.  So cake decorating we did!!  Well..the girls did.  I supervised and tried my best to keep my advice in check.  (Ladies, you would have been proud!)

They were so proud of their finished products.

It also meant a family outing to our local Happy Joe's for pizza and the infamous birthday siren.  The hot fudge sundae may have been the real reason Annika put up with the singing and horns.

This week also brought the first day of First Grade.  After attending the "Meet the Teacher", with its room packed full of kids and 90 degree room temps, Annika decided she'd skip the first grade.  

"That's not really an option," I informed her.  

"Well, then I'll just go back to Kindergarten with Mrs. Johnson.  I already know that was fun."

Hmmm...I was prepared for an interesting morning.  

But after some reassuring bedtime praying, a good night sleep, and a little brother waking her up reminding her that, "Annika guess what??  You get to ride the bus today!", she was in pretty good spirits.  

Maggie was a little less sure of Annika leaving for the day.  

In fact, after spending a good portion of the night in prayer for her first day of school, she had the guts to run out to the bus without as much as a hug and a kiss.  The kiss she blew me as she was running, does NOT count.  

It's been a busy week in our house.

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