Vacation Pics and a Menu

Six loads of laundry done...two left to fold...and work tomorrow...
You'd think after a weekend home I'd be all caught up...not so much.  

In no particular order:  Wall Drug, Flinstones Bedrock City, The Corn Palace & 4 Mile Old West Town

Here's just a few pictures from our trip.  We filled up the days with lots of sight-seeing and enjoyed relaxing at the hotel (usually in the pool) in the evening.  The kids did great and enjoyed just about everything we did.  

We asked them both what their favorite parts were...

   Annika:  "Everything but the donkeys.  They were creepy!!!"  She felt a little violated 
by the burro's shoving their faces in her window when we visited  Custer State Park.

Henry:  "I like it all, but next time you guys can go and I'll stay 
home with Maggie.  I sure miss her...."

Again in no order:  Custer State Park, Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, Jewel Cave &
the Wildlife Loop Road in Custer State Park

As much as I enjoyed being away with the kids and Ryan, its good to be home.  Vacations are exhausting!!!

I need some routine and structure back in my life and what better way than by planning my week's menu.

Sunday - Hamburgers with green bean salad (we finally have some produce in our garden!)
Tuesday - Homemade Wonton Ravioli (using this recipe as basic how-to) with lettuce salad 
Wednesday - Taco Rice Bowls
Thursday - sandwiches for the road (The kids and I are off to visit my parents in their new city!  Eeek...can't wait!)

Enjoy the last few hours of your Sunday...I'll be finishing laundry and catching up on my Food Network shows.  :)

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