Back to School

This day sneaks up on my every year.  I guess its just part of the deal.  

 How can it be that this little man has now completed his first day of Kindergarten? The day started with Henry's observation of all the crying moms leaving the building.

Henry:  "Mom, why are all those other moms crying?"
Me:  "This is a hard day for us moms.  Leaving our kids at Kindergarten for the first time...its a big deal."
Henry:  "Well that's dumb.  You guys aren't even the ones going to Kindergarten."

Yep...that's my Henry.

And here is how the school day ended:

Me:  "How was school?"
Henry:  "Fine."
Me:  "Did you meet any new friends?"
Henry:  "No."
Me:  "Well, who did you play with?"  
Henry:  "No one."
Me:  "What do you mean no one? You were by yourself all day?"  
Henry:  "No, but I didn't play with them."

Okay then...moving on.

Annika was thrilled to be the big dog in the building.  The bus couldn't come soon enough.

Her day ended like this:

Me:  "So how was your first day?"
Annika:  "It was awesome...Mrs. Stamper is so funny...I played with Gabbi all day...We get to have random grandparents days...I asked Mrs. Stamper if one was coming soon and she said maybe...Lunch was gross, but its okay because tomorrow its spaghetti which I love and Friday is pizza but Thursday is chicken fajita so I can I bring a lunch?"
Me:  "Umm...yes you can.  Do you breath at all during school?"
Annika:  "Yea why?
Me:  "Cause I don't think you have since I asked how your day was."
Annika:  "Well you asked, Mom."

She's right I sure did.  

Our experience will be quite different with these two.  While I know every detail of Annika's day {down to which pencil she used during journal time}, I'm not even sure Henry was actually in the building for the whole day!  I guess I'm going to have to send out some spies to see what he's up to during the day.  

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